Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Every Wednesday We Will have {Decorating Wednesdays!}

I am so excited to share with you various ideas and concepts of different layouts on Decorating your home with what we call "Staple Pieces".  "Staple Pieces" are items I like to start off with than go from there and add other pieces of furniture, home decor, and various other items to go off of the Staple piece I work with.

Here are some neat ideas on decorating your home. It DOES NOT have to be costly.  We love clean, cut, and crispy.

No matter where you came from its always lovely to have that one stop for everyone to hang up your Coats, purse, and misc. items. This is one way with many options to do just that right next to the entry way.

Living at lake of the Ozarks we have plenty of Fisherman. Finding a simple item like these Fish Stands will accent any avid Fisherman's Kitchen.

 A "Staple Piece" is usually the main item or furniture you decorate off of. In this one the Couch and Rug are the "staple pieces" and all other furniture/items selected to surround and coordinate it fashionably!

It truly does not take much to accentuate a bare wall with these items creating a "Piece of Simplicity".

The Winter Month is coming and no matter what kind of Fireplace you may can never go wrong with the basic Rocking chairs to cozy up to the fire.

Dining rooms may seem like a daunting task to decorate.  Not so true.  The staple piece is the artwork on the wall. Throw a black table and upholster chairs with the colors off the artwork. Easy Peasy!

Outside Fire Pits are all the Rage these days. Easy to build and do it yourself. Here is a tutorial and easy steps to create your own before the snow comes down!

With that said We wish you a warm and cozy fall.

Until Next Time,

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