Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Decorating Wednesday!

Decorating Wednesday!

With the holidays coming up a Planter with Red Plants makes a beautiful simple easy outside decor.

Sometimes I just really like simplicity.  This is a perfect example for the on stop type to hang everyone's winter coats from the blistery cold winter we are having.

Underneath these rich colored cabinetry are mounted lights giving that warm inviting glow for any Chef in the Kitchen. Pretty inviting right???

That time of year where everyone is bringing out the Red Wines for their Holiday Christmas Parties and Family Dinners!! Love the way you can store your wine and the uniqueness of the stools!

I love a long gorgeous table. The more the merrier! We love having company over!!

Again, the perfect man cave or after that thanksgiving turkey where everyone gets sleepy. Have your own personal Home Theater instead of going out in the cold!!!

End the night surrounded by family whether playing cards on the table, or charades in the couch area. Who doesn't love games???!!

Until next time and have a wonderful warm Happy Thanksgiving,

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